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Push/Pull/Push (fiction, not true, RPS)
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The Push/Pull/Push universe began as a kinky AU to our Establishment RPG Billy/Rachel Weisz vanilla romance. We had so much fun with it that it's grown and taken on a life of its own, so hence it's now got a home.

Disclaimer and warnings: Everything written here is fiction and out of the heads of the authors. Nothing is meant to be implied about the real lives of the people we are writing about. This is just our twisted fantasy. Much of the fic herein contains scenes of consensual bondage, dominance and submission and sado-masochism. So if that's not your thing, feel free to leave. But if it turns your crank, welcome! If anything particularly takes your fancy, we'd love to hear about it. Feedback is always welcome, either in a comment to a post or by email to the authors, msilverstar and unstealthy.

For reference, links to all the logs in chronological order can be found in the Master List of great yay.