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'Invited Voyeur' (Billy/Rachel/Dom)

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19th January, 2009 | 10:23 pm
posted by: msilverstar in push_pull_push

Title: Invited Voyeur
Authors: msilverstar and unstealthy
Pairing: Billy/Rachel Weisz/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Warning: minor bondage, video recording, threesome
Disclaimer: It's not true, it's fiction, we made it up.
Summary: London, 2008; Billy loses a bet and has to man the video camera for the exhibitionists Dom and Rachel.
Context: In the push_pull_push universe. For all fics in chronological order, please see the Master List.

Rachel's laughing so hard she's hurting. Dom and Billy have been playing Wii tennis for over an hour, with the loser always demanding a rematch. Nothing seems to break the deadlock. She's tried distracting them with beer and food, and even once by baring her breasts, but they're firmly locked into competition. Both sweating, both actually looking damn sexy. At the end of another match, which Dom loses, she leaps out of her chair and stands in front of the screen.

"I've got an idea!" she cries.

"Get out of the way!" Dom says, flapping his hand.

Billy tries to see if the wii-mote works right through her, but it doesn't seem to. Shame. On the other hand, Rachel often has brilliant ideas. "What's that?" he asks.

"This is going to go on all night. So I propose a prize and a forfeit for the winner and loser of the next game." She looks from one to the other, and the fact that they haven't yet physically removed her from in front of the TV is a hopeful sign.

"Okay," Dom says uncertainly. "What do you think, Bill?"

"What's the prize?" Billy says, and looks sidelong at Dom, "when I win?"

"Don't be so sure," Dom says, narrowing his eyes.

"Okay!" Rachel almost yells. When they're both looking at her, she continues. "The winner gets to fuck me. The loser films it, and has to wank if they want to get off." She smiles, certain she'll get her way.

Convinced that he has the backhand on the Wii under control, Billy grins at Rachel and says, "I'm in." Worst case, he watches them shag, and that's never a bad thing.

"I think you'll find that it's me that's in and you that's watching," Dom grins back, with a raised eyebrow.

Rachel laughs. "We'll see about that, now shake hands on it."

Billy reaches out to Dom, but instead of shaking hands, he pulls Dom towards him, off-balance, and kisses him.

This is all good, Dom thinks; put Billy off a bit before they've even started playing. He uses his tongue to its full effect in Billy's mouth, moaning a little into the kiss for extra distraction.

Laughing, Billy nips at Dom's mouth and then pushes him away. "Shall we?" he asks, both Dom and Rachel.

It takes ages to play: they're evenly matched, with Billy's good backhand against Dom's serve, and Rachel cheering for both of them. It's a surprise, actually, when Billy realises that he's missed the last volley and has lost, by only one point. He stares blankly at the screen for a moment.

As the ball flies past Billy's Mii and out of the court, Dom can't quite believe it. "Yyyyesss!" he yells, jumping and punching the air in triumph. "I get the girl!"

Before either of them realise what she's done, Rachel grabs the TV remote and switches it off. "Game over," she says. "Now it's my turn to play."

With a shrug, Billy bows, and says, "As m'lady wishes."

"Come on!" Dom cries, tugging the remote free from his wrist and making a dash for the door. Laughing, Rachel follows him, glad to be involved again at last. "Grab the camera, Billy!" she calls over her shoulder as she leaves.

Billy takes his time, tucking away the game paraphernalia and stopping in the kitchen for three bottles of cold water. He picks up the video camera and saunters back to the bedroom, not quite sure what Dom and Rachel will be doing, but willing to bet it will be sexy as fuck.

Just the thought of being watched and filmed by Billy is a turn-on for Dom. Let alone the fact that he's going to be fucking the sexiest woman on the planet (in his not-so-humble opinion). The moment they're in the bedroom he catches her by the wrist and tugs her close, snogging her hard.

"Mmmm," Rachel hums into the kiss, one hand going to the nape of Dom's neck, the other to his fabulous arse, squeezing it hard. She loves to be watched, and is excited at the prospect of having another video to add to their collection. "Let's make it a good one," she says against Dom's mouth, as his hand slides up her ribs and squeezes her breast.

Of course they're at it already. Billy sniggers just a little as he sets the water down on the dresser and brings the camera up to start shooting. "More," he orders cheerfully, "harder!"

Dom laughs into the kiss. "Better do as the director directs," he says, tugging at the hem of his t-shirt and pulling it off.

Rachel's hands follow the shirt and wrap round Dom's shoulders as she licks the tendons at the base of his neck, happily tasting the salt on his skin from all that tennis.

"God, you're sexy," Dom says, pushing her t-shirt up at the back and splaying his palms over her ribs. He can see Billy filming out of the corner of his eye, and slides on hand down to dip in the back of Rachel's jeans.

"Mmmmm," Rachel answers, and moves against his touch, arching her breasts against Dom's chest and her bum out so Billy -- and the camera -- can see it better.

"Let's get these clothes off, " Dom says as he pushes her shirt up to her shoulder blades. Rachel obligingly lifts her arms so he can pull it over her head and toss it aside. "Yeah," he says at the sight of her cleavage. He pushes her breasts together as much as her bra will allow, and presses his face between them, humming happily.

The two of them together are hot, and Billy finds himself enjoying the watching more than he'd really expected. He pans up and down their bodies and zooms in on Dom's neck, Rachel's tits, her face as Dom's mouth explores her chest.

Reaching around and back, Rachel undoes her bra and pushes Dom away just enough to slide it off and toss it away, then uses her arms to press her breasts together, offering them to Dom, offering them to Billy's gaze as well.

"Fantastic woman," Dom says, nuzzling between her breasts happily, then dragging his tongue over her collarbone and up her neck to her mouth for another kiss. He pulls her close, wanting the feel of her tits pressed between them. "God, I love your tits," he says as his hands roam over her back and arse.

With a little moan, Rachel rubs against Dom's chest, eager for more sensation on her nipples. "My tits love you too," she answers against his mouth.

"Show me," Billy orders, "I want to see." He hums approvingly as Dom turns Rachel around and splays his hands across her tits, as she leans her head against Dom's shoulder and licks her lips for Billy.

Dom lifts her breasts and squeezes them, making a show for the camera, and presses the hard ridge of his erection against Rachel's arse. He finds her nipples, squeezing and rubbing them, as Rachel sighs very satisfactorily. One hand slides over her front and pops open her jeans, slipping his hand inside. A glance up makes Dom grin as he sees the bulge in Billy's jeans. "I think the cameraman's enjoying himself," he chuckles into Rachel's neck.

It's all so much: Dom's breath on her skin, one hand in her jeans and the other on flicking her nipple, his cock against her bum, and Billy's avid look behind the camera. Rachel positively wriggles under Dom's touch, spreading her legs and breathing, "Oh god, that's so good," as she leans back so Billy can see better.

"She's wet, Bill," Dom says, slipping his hand into Rachel's knickers and dipping his fingertips between her slippery labia. Rachel moans and turns her head, searching for a kiss; Dom is more than happy to oblige, stroking her clit and tweaking her nipple as his tongue explores her mouth. Who says men can't multi-task? he thinks, and chuckles into the kiss.

Billy brings the camera to wide because Dom's wrapped round her like an octopus, and Rachel seems to think that's rather good. He moves to his right, concentrating on the way they're entwined, trying not to think about how he'd like to be either of them, or have them both for that matter. "Head back," he tells Rachel, waving Dom to kiss her throat.

"Sorry, sweetheart," Rachel finds herself half smiling as she reminds him, "you lost, it's not your show." She stands up and kisses Dom's mouth, making it utterly clear she's not following Billy's orders.

Oh, I like this game, Dom thinks, but keeps it to himself as he really doesn't want to rub Billy's nose in it. Instead, he focuses on snogging Rachel, who's rubbing his cock through his jeans expertly. His hand goes back to her breast, kneading it gently and pinching her nipple and god, this is all bloody amazing.

Blinking in surprise, Billy laughs at his own attitude and gets back to the business of filming, slowly panning up their bodies and to on their mouths as they kiss. If he's to be just a cameraman, he'll do his best at that.

Rachel slides her hand down along Dom's belly and inside his jeans, feeling the heat of his groin as she gets closer to his cock. She drags her fingernails along his skin, grinning as Dom responds, as Billy makes a nearly soundless little moan.

"Ohgodfuck, want you naked now, gonna fuck you six ways until Billy comes in his pants," Dom babbles, tugging ineffectually at Rachel's jeans.

It's almost cute, when Dom gets desperate like this. Knowing she has him wrapped around her little finger, could order him to do nearly anything and he would: that's far more than cute. Rachel presses on Dom's shoulders and murmurs "On your knees."

Dom sinks to the floor, in a position where he can much more easily pull the annoying clothing off Rachel's bottom half. The jeans come down far enough that he can press his mouth to her pussy, taste the wetness soaking her knickers, and feel her response in the tensing of her muscles and her hand going into his hair.

The camera, more than any plan of Billy's, follows Dom's face to Rachel's groin. But it's Billy that zooms so that there's nothing on the screen but Dom's mouth, hard against Rachel's knickers. He aches a little to be there too.

Watching Billy watching Dom, Rachel feels a part of their electric circuit, buzzing at the edges of her nerves. She leans on Dom, pushes the jeans down, and swings her free leg over Dom's shoulder, making an even better tableau for Billy.

Dom reverently runs his hands up the outside of Rachel's thighs until he meets the fabric of her knickers. He pulls them down as far as he can, breathing in the scent of Rachel's arousal and the sight of her naked pussy which he immediately presses his mouth to again. His tongue probes between her labia, tasting her properly, the little "oh!" that produces from above sending a thrill straight to his cock.

"Oh god, Dom, your mouth..." Rachel rocks gently against his tongue and moans again. But her bloody knickers, getting in the way. She sighs and moves her leg back, pushing down the silky material, and saying, "Edible knickers would be handy, I always wondered what they were for."

Dom laughs against her skin. "I'll have to remember that for Christmas," he says, and then hums happily as her feet are now planted firmly apart and he can spread her open and go down on her properly. "Wanna make you come like this," he says in between laps to her clit.

"I am a camera," Billy says, entranced, focusing tightly on the place where Dom's face meets Rachel's cunt.

With a moan of pure pleasure, Rachel leans on Dom's shoulders, saying "God, Dom, you're making my legs all wobbly."

"That's the idea," Dom says, looking up at her with a grin. "Can I make you come like this? Or can I tie you to the bed?" He'd like to do both, but doesn't want to seem too greedy.

Rachel gasps a little at that idea, as she hadn't been thinking any such thing, and she misses Dom's mouth on her clit, but she wants it all. "You won the bet," she points out, "no one set any limits."

Licking his lips, Billy nods in agreement. He'll make sure he keeps the tape for lonely nights away from both of them, because it's already bloody gorgeous.

"Brilliant!" Dom leaps to his feet and tugs (naked, oh god, she's naked) Rachel by the hand over to the bed. "If you'd just lie down," he says, yanking the bedside table drawer open in a search for handcuffs.

Billy and Rachel share a smile at Dom's enthusiasm: he makes everything seem new and exciting, no matter how many times they've done it. Rachel sinks down on the bed and blows Billy a kiss, Marilyn Monroe-style, full of promises of sex. Billy grins back, waggling his tongue a little, and pans across her body to a half-naked Dom, rummaging in the drawer.

When Dom turns, she's lying there, arms over her head, looking, well. "Fucking amazing. You're fucking amazing." Dropping the cuffs, Dom sits on the bed beside Rachel and runs his hands down her body from her shoulders, over her breasts, following the curve of her waist and hips. He realises he's trembling a little. "Maybe it should be me that's tied up," he says, picking up the cuffs.

"If you want..." Rachel says, her body tingling from his touch, wishing he hadn't stopped. She puts some husky innuendo into her voice, but she is truly offering, "It's entirely up to you."

"I don't think so, not this time," Dom muses. "I need to touch you." He trails the cuffs up her body, between her breasts, and then reaches up to snap them around her wrists and attach them to the bed head. "There. Gorgeous. Isn't she gorgeous, Bill?"

Billy says, "Yeah, gorgeous," as he makes sure the camera is set wide enough to get their whole bodies. "You're not so bad yourself," he tells Dom. He can see Rachel arching off the bed to rub against Dom's chest, and presses on his own cock, through his jeans, at the tableau.

Realising he's still partially dressed, Dom hurriedly stands and pulls off his jeans. "That's better." Standing beside the bed looking down at Rachel, naked and bound, he tugs slowly on his cock, making sure he's turned enough that Billy can see. "Will you spread your legs for me, love?" he asks Rachel. "I want to see how wet you are."

"I'm so wet!" Rachel moans, opening her legs, "please touch me, fuck me, something?"

Dom perches on the edge of the bed again, running his hands over Rachel's body, then lies down beside her. He licks gently at a nipple, his fingers ghosting down her body to her clit, sliding gently over it and pressing into her.

Rachel turns towards Dom, like a flower towards the sun, desperate for more touch, moaning as his fingers move into her. "Oh, god," she breathes, as her leg slides round Dom's knee, "please, more please."

"There's lots more, don't worry," Dom says. He latches on to her nipple and sucks hard, moving his fingers gently in and out of her body.

Billy's not looking at Dom's mouth against Rachel's tit and Dom's fingers up her cunt, not any more. He has the camera fixed on Rachel's face, which is full of pleasure and need, showing every sensation that Dom's giving her. Billy's dying to kiss her, but he's not going to break his promise, and watching is amazing. "Go on," he tells them, a little croaky because his mouth is dry as a desert, "this is blanket permission to come, as long as I can see your face."

"Don't need permission," Dom mumbles into Rachel's breast. "Not your show." He kisses his way down Rachel's body, over her hip and down to her inner thigh where he starts to lick and gently nip at the soft flesh. "Want to make you come, in my time," he says to her softly.

Moaning, Rachel spreads her legs and presses herself against Dom's face. Her hands are cuffed so she can't touch him, can't touch her own breasts. All she can do is rock back and forth the tiniest bit, and take the pleasure Dom's offering.

"Yeah, Dom, you're making her so hot," Billy says, pulling his head back to look at the whole scene, then peering through the camera zoom at Rachel's face again.

Aroused by her responses, Dom lifts his head and starts to lick her clit. He flicks the tip of his tongue rapidly over it, then gives a long, firm lick followed by more flicking. Rachel's positively gasping and writhing and it's intensely gratifying.

Rachel realises that Billy's talking to her, urging her to look at him and keep her eyes open. His eyes are open, dark and intent, as he sets the video camera on the back of a chair and straddles it, looking at her as though he'd like to devour her. "Oh, god!" she moans, as Dom does those things to her and Billy watches.

Acutely aware of not only Rachel, but Billy watching them, Dom's almost unbearably aroused, his cock leaking. He moans into Rachel's pussy as he licks her, adding a couple of fingers into her cunt and savouring the feel of the hot, wet flesh that's going to be enclosing his poor neglected cock very shortly. Dom lifts his head and looks at Rachel. "Do you want to come like this, or with me inside you?"

"Either one," Rachel answers, looking down at Dom, his lips smeared and sexy, "or both," because she's so wound-up, she'll take everything.

The needy sound that comes out of Billy's mouth at that surprises all of them, not least Billy. "So fucking hot," he tells them, "could be porn stars."

"Both, then," Dom grins, and goes back to firm licks at Rachel's clit. He wants this quickly.

Rachel raises her hips as far as she can and presses back against Dom's mouth, saying "Oh, god, oh, please yes!" She comes with a tremble that runs through her whole body, warming her with pleasure.

After pulling back for a full-body view, Billy'd focused again on Rachel's face as she came, watching the intensity of her reactions, as invited voyeur. When she opens her eyes and looks to him, he smiles back with all the love welling up in him.

Dom isn't hanging around. As soon as Rachel's moaning and shuddering stops, he kneels up, legs wide apart, shifting around Rachel so her hips are between his thighs, his legs under hers. He slowly eases himself inside her, letting out a groaning sigh of relief as her slippery cunt gently grips his aching cock. "Oh god, so fucking good," he moans.

Having already orgasmed, Rachel's full of sensuality and determined to make it amazing for Dom, and for the camera. She tucks her legs round Dom's, pulling him closer and bracing herself so she can move against him, roll her hips like a belly dancer.

Billy's found the right angle to catch the two of them, their skin gleaming a little with sweat, and it is like a dance: exhibition and experience both at once. His non-camera hand goes to his cock, rubbing it gently as he watches and films.

Because he knows Rachel likes it, Dom withdraws and slowly pushes into her again. He loves the feeling of her legs around his waist, looking at her stretched out in front of him, arms over her head, hair all over the place, a sheen of sweat on her skin. "So beautiful," he says, leaning forward a little so he can squeeze her breasts as he slowly withdraws and pushes in again.

"Oh, god," Rachel moans as he touches her in all the right places, all the right ways. With her hands cuffed, it's easy to offer herself, to twist and wriggle and clench around Dom's cock, and press her breasts into his hand.

Dom turns to look at Billy, sees him with one hand squeezing the bulge at his crotch, and a thrill of pleasure flares through Dom's body. His hips start to speed up of their own accord and he slides his hands up Rachel's thighs, looking down at her again to watch her tits jiggle as he thrusts. It's unbelievably sexy to be fucking her while she's restrained, and even more so that Billy's watching and can't touch. Dom finds himself letting out a gasping laugh of happiness at the general wonderfulness of his situation.

Tamping down his urge to order Dom to just do it, Billy unzips his jeans and pushes his hand down to the base of his cock. He knows he will get his chance at both of them, separately and together, but he wants right now, and he mayn't have. "Gorgeous, both of you," he says, "fucking edible".

Rachel quivers when she hears Billy, who's murmuring on about how good she and Dom look. She looks towards him, but he's looking at the camera display, and Dom's holding her, fucking her, drawing the breath out of her until she's moaning helplessly.

"Nnngh," is all Dom can manage to say. He lays his palm on her lower abdomen, thumb over her clit, rubbing it. He'd love for her to come again, feel her clench around his cock.

Eyes closing, Rachel suddenly finds herself closer than she'd realised. "Yes, please, oh god," she gasps, Dom's cock and Dom's fingers driving her mad with lust.

Dom feels like a veritable sex god, with Rachel gasping and writhing, and Billy filming and wanking. These two people whom he loves so much, who make him feel like the king of the world sometimes, they deserve all he can give them. And Dom wants to give them everything.

It's too good to last, Rachel knows that but she tries to resist anyway. But Dom's hand is too much for her, and she dissolves into a shuddering mess as she comes, clutching at Dom for all that she's worth.

Billy hasn't seen this side of Dom much, even when Dom tops, and it's amazing. It's worth not touching, to be recording this for their own posterity, to film Rachel as she comes and Dom as he makes her.

As Rachel's muscles squeeze his cock and her legs clamp around his waist, Dom feels his own orgasm about to take him. "Oh god...." he groans long and loud as his hips snap hard against Rachel and he grips her legs, coming with a force that makes him squeeze his eyes shut and tense every muscle in his body.

Now Rachel wishes she had her arms free, because Dom's so close but not close enough. She moves with him as he thrusts slowly, and looks at Billy with a question, hoping he'll see what she needs.

When Rachel's face turns to him, Billy doesn't understand at first, but as he looks at her, she rattles her cuffs and then it's clear enough. He leaves the camera filming and moves to the top of the bed, undoing the cuff buckles and kissing the skin underneath, then sending her hands to Dom.

Until Rachel's hands reach for him, Dom didn't know that he needed to be held. As his orgasm subsides he pitches forward into her arms and lets her hold him and stroke his hair and rub his back. "Mmmmloveyou," he mumbles, sighing happily.

Remembering his current role, Billy ambles back to the camera and zooms in on the two of them, sated, together.

Rachel feels an empty place as Billy leaves, like the gap where a tooth fell out when she was six. She holds Dom and leans down to whisper, "Lover, shall we do something nice for the cameraman?"

Dom loves it when she calls him that and he grins. "You abandoned the 'look, don't touch' thing pretty quickly. What do you suggest?"

"Let's not faff around too much," she murmurs, "or he'll take it out on us, later." The very thought of that makes her shiver in anticipation, and she buries her face against Dom's hair, blushing a little, still surprised after all this time at her constant desire for Billy and what he does to her. "Um, both of us sucking him?" she suggests, though there are a million things they could do.

"You're too kind to him," Dom says with a growl and a tweak of her nipple. He rolls on to his back, sighing as his cock slips out of Rachel's body rather messily. "Come on then, get your breeks off, Bill."

Billy swoops the camera down Dom's chest to the gleam along his thigh, then Dom's words sink in and he sets the camera on the stand with one hand as he pushes his jeans all the way down, hopping a little as he moves towards the bed. He considers launching himself at them, but he really does want a shag, not a tickle-fight, so simply leans towards Rachel for a kiss.

One hand pulling Billy closer, one hand holding on to Dom, Rachel falls into the kiss, enjoying every second of it.

Billy's erection rubs tantalisingly against Dom's thigh. He watches them kiss, loving them, outrageously turned on by it despite the fact he's just had a brain-melting orgasm. Dom can't stop his hand wandering over Billy's back and kneading his arse, palm catching on Billy's sweaty skin. "Want your cock in my mouth," he murmurs into Billy's ear.

"Yeah," Billy sighs, moving against Dom's touch, Rachel's mouth, "want you." He's been starved of touch, parched, and now he's not letting go.

Rachel's restless, ready to move and do, ready to feel Billy tense and yearn. She turns and gives Billy one last kiss, then slithers down his body, nibbling as she goes.

"Rachel, if you get his balls, I'll do his cock," Dom says happily as he watches Rachel's mouth work down Billy's body.

Leaning back against a pillow, Billy spreads his legs gratefully, pulling Dom over him for a kiss, saying "Fantastic, you two...."

It's wonderful when Billy goes pliant and receptive like this. Rachel manoeuvres herself into a kneeling position between Billy's legs and nuzzles at his groin, tasting sweat and desire on his skin. She slowly explores all the secret places of his body with her tongue as Billy moans and clutches at Dom, who's started gently tugging on Billy's cock with his hand. It makes Rachel feel elated to know how much she's pleasing Billy - they're pleasing Billy. They make a good team, she and Dom.

Dom's heart is full to bursting point. He knows Billy so well, has made love to him countless times, but still gets a huge thrill from turning Billy on and giving him pleasure. "Love you so much," he murmurs as he kisses his way down Billy's chest, one hand slowly massaging Billy's cock. Rachel's working over Billy's balls, sucking them and rolling them over her tongue. "Gonna make you feel so good," Dom promises, before licking a wide stripe up Billy's cock and taking it deep into his throat.

"Fucking fantastic," Billy gasps, clutching at them both. After the show he's had, with the two of them working on him together, he can barely breathe. "I'm not going to last very long," he manages to warn them, his hips following his cock to press against Dom's face for a moment.

"Want to make you come, my darling," Rachel says, staring for a moment at Dom sucking greedily on Billy's cock and Billy thrusting up to meet him. Billy's gasping and panting, his balls drawn up close to his body. Rachel pushes his legs apart further and massages his perineum, kissing and licking anywhere she can.

Billy chuckles weakly, "As if I could resist." His hands clench, one on Rachel's shoulder, the other on Dom's head as his cock pumps in and out of Dom's mouth. His eyes close as his whole body tenses with sensation, and he yells "Ohgod, fuck yes," as he comes.

Dom swallows and swallows as Billy comes into his mouth. Rachel clambers up the bed to hold Billy close, humming and murmuring to him. Finally Billy stills and Dom lets his cock slip out of his mouth. He crawls up the bed and rests his head on Billy's heaving chest, hair matted with sweat. He closes his eyes in contentment as hands stroke his head and neck.

"I hope that was a good consolation prize," Rachel chuckles, kissing the tip of Billy's nose.

It takes a moment for Billy to have a clue what she's on about, but then he realises, and kisses her lightly. "Next time, it'll be you doing the filming," he tells Rachel, mock-severely, and then, "I'm quite consoled now, and tired." He gives Rachel a little squeeze and then Dom, pulling them both close. "Kip before tea?"

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(no subject)

from: aecamadi
date: 20th January, 2009 07:09 am (UTC)

Delicious! Hot! One of my favorite kinks explored quite nicely. Billy's enjoyment was as well-captured as Dom and Rachel's. Most excellent.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: 28th January, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)

Thank you so much! Not my kink usually, but I enjoyed writing it a whole lot. Your seal! Wow!

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(no subject)

from: aecamadi
date: 28th January, 2009 04:16 am (UTC)

Made with the official seal generator.:)

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(no subject)

from: ranger_girl0301
date: 28th January, 2009 06:20 pm (UTC)


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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: 29th January, 2009 02:37 am (UTC)

Why thank you!

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(no subject)

from: stormatdusk
date: 1st February, 2009 01:47 pm (UTC)

*whines a little*

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Not a Ninja

(no subject)

from: unstealthy
date: 3rd February, 2009 08:50 pm (UTC)

I'm assuming that's good... :D

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(no subject)

from: silentdescant
date: 10th November, 2009 04:41 pm (UTC)

ahh, kink done well. *____*

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