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The Push_Pull_Push master list of great yay

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18th June, 2007 | 10:10 pm
mood: pleased
posted by: unstealthy in push_pull_push

This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. This fictional story is not intended to imply that the events herein actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons, whose names are used without permission.

Push, Pull, Push

An alternate universe in which Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, and Rachel Weisz fall in love, work through a polyamorous relationship, and have amazing kinky sex. And a little bit of angst.


Untwisting [Dom/Billy, March, NC-17]
The first time Billy uses anything on Dom's arse but his hand, Dom's reaction comes as a surprise to both of them.

Turnabout [Dom/Billy, March, R]
"You can just lie there, if you like. Let me do all the work," Dom says, and gets down the ties hanging on the back of the door.

Can't Keep From Talking [Dom/Billy, April, NC-17
How do you shut Dom up without gagging him? Which, now that Billy thinks of it, would be fantastically sexy.

Bareback [Dom/Billy, May, R]
Without the smoothing effect of a condom, Dom can feel every contour and crease of Billy's penis

Please, Sir [Dom/Billy, June 2000, NC-17]
"If we don't enjoy it, we can just stop. Easy as that."

The Good Ones More Than Once [Dom/Billy, June 2000, NC-17]
Billy nods. "It's my mission," he says to Elijah, seriously, "to fulfill every single one of Dom's nasty dirty pornographic fantasies. And the good ones more than once."

All You Have to Do is Ask [Dom/Billy, October 2000, NC-17]
"Ride me?" Billy counters, and then laughs when he realises that he's asked for the most blatantly consensual thing he can think of.


Cost of a Dream [Dom/Billy, June 2001 in New Zealand, NC-17]
"That's not a reason to come back!" Dom says. "The 'career' I'd have there, it wouldn't be enough for me!" He swings his legs over the side of the bed so he's no longer facing Billy. "It's not about you."

Only You [Dom/Billy, London, December 2001 (FOTR first premiere), R]
"I shouldn't." Billy's fingers are holding Dom's hands so hard that he can feel the fine bones beneath the skin, "but I can't not."


Leather, rope and knots [Dom/Billy, Mexico, July 2002 NC-17] (note: this is non-canon timing, got the years wrong)
There's no way Dom can not cry out as the whip flicks over his skin. There's so much adrenaline in his system now that he's shaking and sweating, but it's so good to feel something other than the overwhelming need to possess and be possessed. His cock is hard, aching and leaking, each lash of the whip sending arousal shooting through his belly

Might get what you need [Dom/Billy, December 2002, England, hard R]
In Cumbria, after The Two Towers premieres, where Billy Elijah and Dom went over New Year's and dressed up as country gents: that part, we did not make up, there's photographic evidence
Happy that he's pleased Billy, Dom swallows and manages to count the two final blows. "Thank you," he says, trembling and panting, sweat dripping off his face.


Crevices, convexes [Dom/Billy, Los Angeles, December 2003, R]
Set during the party after the Return of the King premiere in Los Angeles. It's not like they're going to get arrested, though they might shock Orlando... Then the morning after, slow and easy.

Slipping [Dom/Billy, Los Angeles, March 16 2003, NC-17]
Billy's voice is stern, in contrast to the gentle way he strokes Dom's balls, and the combination seems to trickle into every one of Dom's nerves via his brain and his cock. He grips the leather strap holding his wrists to the bedstead and tries to control his breathing.


Dom Gets Lost [Dom/Billy, LA & Glasgow, January 2004, hard R]
"God, Bill, I can't believe it." Dom laughs out loud. "It's the pilot of a TV show, and it's JJ Abrams, and they've got such fucking amazing ideas, I can't tell you, Bill." Dom sighs again, with happiness, this time. "God, I'm so happy."

Distance [Dom/Billy, October 2004; LA & Glasgow, October 2004; R]
"I... I dunno, I mean, I understand how you feel, but." Dom sighs. "It shouldn't make any difference to us, you know? I've told her about you, that you and I aren't in a relationship, like, but. Well, you know. The physical side of it." Dom's suddenly horribly uncomfortable.

Equal Opportunities Licker [Billy/Dom/Evangeline, Hawaii, Autumn 2004, NC-17]
Dom kissing slowly for once, and Billy doing those great things to her hands. "Oh," Evi says faintly, breathing it against Dom's lips, "you both, together, could sink me."


Serendipity [Billy/Rachel, London, March 2005, R]
Billy echoes her smile, and tweaks her nipple. "I'd have to spank you then, wouldn't I," he says, without any question in his voice. His hands roam across her teasingly, barely touching her skin, just hinting at more to come. He wants to do so much to her, wants to have her over his lap and writhing under his hand.

Bound and Kneeling [Billy/Rachel, Luxembourg, March 2005, NC-17]
"Oh god," Rachel breathes. This is perfect, exactly the right amount of domination in exactly the right way. Every touch of Billy's fingers is going straight to her clit, making her writhe.

Every Little Thing She Does [Rachel/Billy, London, May 2005; R]
Billy's glad he can rise fairly smoothly, with just a hint of creaking knees. He stands naked in front of Rachel, hands behind his back, feeling the heat of her gaze on him. She's still playing, still up for sex and whatever else, and he's slightly amazed to have found such a thoroughgoing sensualist.

All Ways [Billy/Dom, Glasgow/LA, June 2005; R+]
Dom's all over the place, mood-switching every second, jumping from his velvet phone-sex voice to the one where he sounds about twelve, frightened and lost. Which is about how Billy feels too.

Gorgeous Like That [Billy/Rachel, London, July 2005; NC-17]
The feel of stubbly cheek and chin rubbing against her makes Rachel squirm. She's blushing with arousal and because she's acutely aware of the people who are now watching them, including Ioan, who's perched on the edge of the table casually. "Please, more," she says, as Billy sucks harder. "Mark me."

Sharing [Dom/Billy/Rachel, Hawaii, Autumn 2005; NC-17
Rachel's gorgeous, fabulous breasts are now in Dom's face, and he cups them in his hands, bringing one to his mouth and sucking hard on her nipple. Rachel gasps and Dom moans, a sudden rush of blood to his cock making him try to roll his hips -- a futile gesture, as Billy is sitting on him.

Not Sorry at All [Dom/Billy/Rachel, Hawaii, Autumn 2005; NC-17]
"It's punishment," Billy answers, with a smirk, "for being such a wanker in public today. You get to look but not touch." He ties Dom's knees open, and with a quick kiss to the inside of Dom's thigh, stands up. He turns to Rachel, curled on the bed. "You get to feel and look, but not touch either. Can you keep your hands back or should I cuff you?"

Table Manners [Dom/Billy, Hawaii, Autumn 2005; NC-17]
It feels fantastic, Billy's soft tongue and the occasional brush of a stubbly chin or cheek over Dom's sore arse. Dom moans and tries to spread his legs, prevented from doing so by the trousers that are still around his ankles.

Try This For Size [Dom/Rachel, Hawaii Autumn 2005; NC-17]
"God, yeah," Rachel strains her arms at the cuffs trying to move her head closer, "please, let me, I'll make it so good for you." His cock is so close she can smell it, lovely musky smell, and she opens her mouth hoping he'll fill it soon.


Birthday Present [Billy/Rachel, Glasgow, March 2006; R]
"You can bring out that strap-on that you stashed in my toy cupboard," Billy says, blushing a bit because he's really not all that comfortable with anything up his arse. But the picture of Rachel fucking him with it has been jumping into his head at odd moments for a while now, and it's really bloody hot

The Plan [Dom/Billy/Rachel, London, mid-2006; NC-17]
With Dom's fingers gone, Billy can think again, can move between Rachel's legs and guide the head of his cock into her, the which is wonderful and frustrating because he can't push all the way in. But he doesn't want to think, he just wants Dom's fingers back in his arse.

It feels like... [Dom/Billy/Rachel, London, mid-2006; NC-17]
Now that she's blind, Rachel's hyper-aware of every touch, particularly as she doesn't know where they're going to land next. Suddenly Dom's mouth is at the crook of her elbow, and she sighs at the softness of his mouth combined with the scrape of his chin stubble over her skin.

I'll Show You Sexy [Billy/Rachel, New York City, August 2006; NC-17]
It's now that Rachel really wishes she could moan and beg. Instead she tugs against the restraints, whimpering and mewling against the gag, feeling like a cat begging to be played with. As Billy's whole hand gradually eases into her, Rachel stills, groaning from deep within her chest, feeling owned and taken.

Wicked Naughty Things [Billy/Rachel, Glasgow, Autumn 2006; NC-17]
This is more like it. Billy braces Rachel with a hand on her hip, and spanks again, loving her every moan and flinch. "Mine, my lovely slut," he says, stroking her arse where he's hit it. As he moves closer, his cock touches the skin of her leg and he moans too, rubbing back and forth a little. "God, Rachel," he says, and bends to kiss the curve of her arse.

With Permission [Dom/Rachel, LA, December 2006; NC-17; roleplay non-con]
Dom's body is holding her down firmly and she can twist and press against it as much as she pleases. Which is good, because she needs to feel him against her breasts, needs to spread her legs just like that so his knee is between them, pressing on her pussy. "Please don't hit me," she says, not meaning it at all.


Don't Use Your Hands Yet [Dom/Billy/Rachel, LA, March 2007; NC-17]
Rachel's already decided she wants to make Dom watch her and Billy. Dom's beautiful when he's desperate and begging, and that's probably the easiest way to get him into that state. Well, one of the easiest ways -- there are several. Rachel smiles to herself at the thought and leans over Dom's chest to snag another piece of the delicious sushi.

All Together Now [Dom/Billy/Rachel, LA, May 2007]
Resisting the need to thrust hard and fast, Dom pulses his hips against Rachel's, feeling Billy's probing fingers inside her. He shifts his body back a little so he can hold her breasts, glorious handfuls of flesh that make him want to press his face into them and nuzzle.

Watch and Enjoy [Billy/Rachel, London, June 2007]
He's in London, not even in Glasgow, where he could nip over to a friend's or go to his local and noodle around with a song. It's not that Rachel's boring, but she's been out, and when she comes back, giddy, with raindrops in her hair and colour in her cheeks, it's hard not to resent it, just a bit.

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(no subject)

from: _runningmascara
date: 14th November, 2009 07:30 pm (UTC)

just to let you know the link for Gorgeous Like That goes to Bound and Kneeling.

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(no subject)

from: msilverstar
date: 16th February, 2010 09:26 pm (UTC)

thanks very much, I finally am managing to fix that. New post should be up today.

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(no subject)

from: billybeecake
date: 9th February, 2012 06:47 am (UTC)

Is Watch and enjoy the very last??? I hope not, I'll be sad when it ends. :(

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Not a Ninja

(no subject)

from: unstealthy
date: 7th March, 2012 08:24 pm (UTC)

Sorry for the delayed response! It's the last one in chronological order. We've actually got quite a few more stories that we haven't posted, due to real life issues intervening in recent months (years now!) Maybe one day we'll get around to putting them up. Thank you SO much for your feedback, really glad you've enjoyed reading our story.

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